Buy auger online: Efficient drilling of planting holes and more

Augers are versatile tools that are indispensable for numerous tasks in gardening, landscaping and agriculture. They make it easy to drill holes in the ground - be it for fence posts, planting holes or other purposes. The high-quality earth drills from HZC Power can be used to drill holes up to one meter deep precisely and efficiently. Convince yourself of our hydraulic earth drills and make soil preparation for your projects easier.

Efficient soil preparation with augers : Our products

Our hydraulic drills are designed to make your work more efficient and save you time. Thanks to their robust construction and powerful 13.5 HP petrol engine, they can easily drill even in the most difficult ground conditions. The reliable pendulum drills are supplied with a range of drilling accessories.

Do you have any further questions about augers, or do you need other ground preparation products such as trenchers, mini-excavators, motor hoes or stump grinders? We're happy to help.

High-quality earth drills: unlimited possible uses

The possible uses for an earth drilling rig are almost limitless. Our petrol augers easily drill planting holes for trees and shrubs, securely anchor fence posts or prepare holes for various types of planting and construction. HZC Power's precision petrol drills ensure clean, consistent holes, making ground preparation much easier. Drilling depths of up to 1 metre are possible. It's also ideal for building fences.

The ease of handling and high precision of our augers make them an indispensable tool in gardening, landscaping and agriculture. The HZC Power pendulum drill is supplied with drills of different thicknesses, in diameters of ø 125 mm, ø 150 mm, ø 200 mm, ø 250 mm and ø 300 mm. This gives you maximum flexibility and the ability to drill holes of different widths in the ground. Whether it's a plant drill or a pile driver, with HZC Power soil drills you can make your ground preparation work more efficient and achieve professional results.

Do you have any further questions about our earth drills, or do you need help choosing the right model? Our competent customer service will be happy to help and advise you on your individual needs.


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