On our FAQ HZC Power page we try to answer the most frequently asked questions briefly and concisely. We hope that we can help you quickly and easily.

General questions

1. can I order from abroad?

Yes, deliveries are made both domestically (Germany) and to all European countries (e.g. Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary). For more information on shipping click here.

2. can I also order by telephone or e-mail?

You are also welcome to order our products by phone or e-mail. Please note that we are an online mail order company and therefore still need your e-mail for a system confirmation.

3. can I pre-order products?

If you would like to order a product that is currently not in stock, you are welcome to pre-order machines. You can find more information here.

4. how do I contact customer service?

The easiest way to reach our customer service is via our contact form. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail to info@hzc-power.com or call our customer service team on +49-2151/7888857. A service employee will then take care of your request as quickly as possible.

5. is the excavator fully assembled?

Our excavators are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. They are delivered using a small truck including a lifting platform, so that no separate aids such as ramps are required. Hydraulic oil and engine oil are already filled in and the excavator is refueled immediately. Please check the excavator once completely before using it for the first time and tighten all bolts.

6. is the log splitter ready for operation?

Our log splitters are supplied in a wooden crate. The engine oil is filled and the hydraulic oil is either already filled or supplied in separate canisters. Final assembly of the log splitter takes approx. 10 minutes. Remember to refuel the log splitter before use.

Technical questions

1. where can I get spare parts for a machine purchased from HZC Power?

You can obtain spare parts for all HZC machines directly from us. We have a stock of spare parts in our warehouse and workshop so that we can help you immediately in most cases. If a spare part is not in stock, we will organize delivery of the required part as quickly as possible.

2. which oil should I fill into the gasoline engine of my machine?

We recommend an engine oil with viscosity class 10W-30 for Germany. If you are working in sub-zero temperatures, we recommend engine oil with viscosity class 5W-30. The viscosity class of your engine oil ultimately always depends on the climate, so if you are using your device in other climate zones, you must pay attention to this. Please ask us if you are unsure.

3. which hydraulic oil should I fill into my machine?

Almost all of our machines require HLP 46 hydraulic oil. Please ask us if you are unsure.

4 How do I start the excavator?

The different models are sometimes started differently. There are starting instructions for each individual model in the manual. We also have short starting instructions on our YouTube channel as well as illustrated instructions in print or as a PDF. Please get in touch with our customer service team.

5. how much weight can an excavator lift?

The different models can lift different amounts of weight. The exact specifications can be found in the item description or in the user manual.

6. the log splitter does not build up any power - what is the problem? (Initial commissioning)

This problem often occurs if the initial commissioning has not been carried out or has not been carried out completely.

The hydraulic oil must be topped up for initial commissioning. The engine must then run for approx. 1 minute and the hand lever should be actuated so that the splitting wedge moves back and forth. After this minute, top up the hydraulic oil again. Run the engine again and operate the splitter a few times to bleed the system. The log splitter is then ready for operation.

If there is still a noticeable lack of power, please contact our customer service.

7 What is the difference between diesel and gasoline excavators?

A gasoline engine draws in a mixture of gas and air, compresses it and ignites it with a spark. A diesel engine simply draws in air, compresses it and then injects fuel into the compressed air. The heat of the compressed air causes the fuel to ignite spontaneously.
A diesel engine therefore has a much higher compression ratio than a gasoline engine. A gasoline engine compresses at a ratio of 8:1 to 12:1, while a diesel engine compresses at a ratio of 14:1 to 25:1. Higher compression means better efficiency.
You can find more information on the mini excavator page.

8. which recording do the excavators have?

Our quick couplers have external bolt dimensions of 10.4 cm. From nut to nut it is 16 cm. The mounting hooks have 9.5 cm for the pins.

9. can I also connect other attachments from other manufacturers?

If the attachments have the same mount, you can connect them using the quick coupler and the corresponding pin. You are also welcome to order our pins at www.hzc-power.com or by telephone on +49-2151-7888857 or by e-mail to info@hzc-power.com

10. where can I order spare parts?

You can order spare parts directly using the spare parts form or by telephone on +49-2151-7888857 or by email to info@hzc-power.com

11 Which hydraulic oil do I need?

You can order HLP46 directly here or by telephone on +49-2151-7888857 or by email to info@hzc-power.com. Or also on the Internet at various online stores

12. how do I top up the hydraulic oil?

At the rear of the engine flap you will find a silver clasp on the side, which you open. Then fold up the driver’s seat. At the bottom left of the engine you will find a yellow cap. You can top up the oil here.

13. can I fill up with normal gasoline/diesel?

Yes, you can fill up with SUPER95 or diesel as normal at the filling station and fill your excavator with it

14. how many liters fit in the petrol & diesel tank?

  • Gasoline: 6,5l
  • Diesel: 5,5l

15 Where can I see how much hydraulic oil is in the excavator?

The hydraulic indicator is located at the front right-hand side of the excavator. This is embedded in the metal housing and can be seen directly via the tube and the marking.

16. which engine oil do I need for gasoline & diesel engines?

– SAE30 for gasoline engines

– 5W30 for diesel engines

You can order directly via www.hzc-power.com or by telephone on +49-2151-7888857 or by e-mail to info@hzc-power.com or also on the Internet from various online stores.

17. hydraulic oil hoses leaking, what to do?

If you lose oil, please contact us directly or by phone on +49-2151-7888857 or by email at info@hzc-power.com. We have replacement hoses in stock and can send them to you free of charge in the event of a warranty claim.

18 Where do I fill up with gasoline?

At the rear of the engine flap, you will find a silver catch on the side, which you open. Then fold up the driver’s seat. The thank you cover is located directly under the seat.

19 How do I detach the roof from the excavator?

You have nuts under the driver’s mat on the left and right that you need to loosen with the supplied wrench. There are two other screw connections at the rear left and right behind the driver’s seat that you need to loosen. Then you can easily remove the roof completely with the rods.

20 Are mini-excavators suitable for off-road use?

All of our mini excavators are track-driven, so they can tackle difficult terrain more easily than machines that operate on standard wheels. Remember that “all-terrain” does not mean that the machine can navigate, traverse or climb absolutely anything. Always use your mini excavator within the operating parameters specified in the operator’s manual

21 Can a mini-excavator also excavate tree stumps?

Yes, that is possible. Tree stumps usually have a deep root system that makes it difficult to remove them without the help of heavy machinery. A mini excavator can be the perfect tool for tree stump removal. If you’re looking for tree stump removal equipment, browse through our mini excavator for sale range on this page now.

22. Is there a guarantee on the mini excavators?

Yes, they do. Please see our warranty information page for full details of what is covered under warranty and the extent of our excavator sales.

23. Where can I do the maintenance of the excavator?

You are welcome to have the maintenance done by us in Krefeld. Our technicians are always on site and can complete your maintenance within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can have this done at one of our partner workshops. Would you like to know where the nearest workshop is? Simply contact us by phone at +49-2151-7888857 or by email at info@hzc-power.com.

24. Are there more attachments for the excavator?

The attachments can be found on accessories for mini excavators.

Questions about returns/complaints

1. How long do I have a warranty on purchased products?

The statutory liability rights for defects apply. More detailed information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions under §5 Warranty.

2. My product is damaged upon delivery. What should I do?

If the damage is already visible from the outside upon delivery, then first check it in the presence of the shipping company and, if necessary, reject the delivery and contact us.

3. My product has a defect over time. What should I do?

If you notice damage or a problem over time, please describe the problem to us in as much detail as possible. Send us photos or videos of the damage or problem. One of our employees will contact you immediately. For more information, please visit our Warranty page.

Questions about payment

1. What payment methods are available to me?

Payment can be made either by cash, advance payment, Paypal, credit card or installment purchase via EasyCredit. For more information look here.

2. How does a purchase with EasyCredit work?

Financing our machines in Germany is possible through our partner EasyCredit. However, when paying in installments, the purchase may only cover a maximum amount of €10,000. Please note that EasyCredit carries out a credit check. If the purchase was successful, you will receive a confirmation from EasyCredit and we will ship the goods immediately.

When purchasing in installments via EasyCredit, the General Terms and Conditions for Installment Purchases from EasyCredit also apply. You can find the additional terms and conditions here.

3. Are installment payments accepted?

Yes, we accept installment payments via PayPal.

4. How does installment payment via PayPal work?

If you select the installment payment option, you can split your payment into several smaller payments that are due at regular intervals. You can choose the number and timing of installment payments yourself.

Questions about shipping

1. How long does it take for the machines I ordered to be shipped?

Unless another deadline is specified in the respective offer, the goods will be delivered domestically within 5-7 days (abroad within 10-12 days) after receipt of payment. Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays. More information can be found here.

2. How are the products shipped?

Our items are almost exclusively shipped via freight forwarding. We work with various selected partner shipping companies. Deliveries are made both domestically (Germany) and to all European countries. More information can be found here.

3. Can I track my machine's shipment?

You will receive an ID from us for the shipment of your order. This ID depends on the respective carrier. There you can then ask directly about the status of your shipment. Alternatively, you can also contact us and we will ask the relevant shipping company for you.

4. How are the machines delivered?

Our machines are delivered to you by the shipping company including a lifting platform, so you do not need any equipment.

Do you have any further questions that the HZC Power FAQ could not clarify? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you. The easiest way to reach us is to use our contact form. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to info@hzc-power.com or call us at 02151/7888857. We would be happy to add your question to our FAQ HZC Power page!


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