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The quality of the soil is crucial for plant growth. In order to maintain it optimally, regular milling or hoeing is essential. At HZC Power we offer you an effortless and quick solution to this task - our petrol-powered tillers. They make the work more efficient, but also more pleasant and easier on the back compared to conventional methods with a spade. See for yourself how our tillers can help you prepare hard and compacted soil for planting.

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    • Briggs&Stratton petrol engine (6.5 HP, 196 cc)
    • Working depth: 175-350 mm
    • Working width: 500 mm
    • high-quality cleavers

    Maintenance & Repair for a long service life:
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    All spare parts are always in stock and will be installed at short notice.

Good soil quality through tillers: Our products

As indispensable garden helpers, our tillers with a 6.5 hp petrol engine and optimal working width are known as garden hoes, motor hoes or tillers and are ideal for preparing sowing and for weeding. Our product range for optimal floor care includes a variety of high-quality devices that make your work easier. From versatile tillers to powerful trenchers – with us you will find the right tools to get your soil in top shape.

Our tillers are specially designed to tackle even the most demanding soil. You can work and efficiently, saving you time and energy. With our garden or motor hoes you can easily work in hard-to-reach areas and prepare the ground optimally.

Do you have any questions about our tillers, need advice or are you looking for additional machines for optimal soil care? Please feel free to contact us – our competent customer service will be happy to help you.

The advantages of rotary tillers for soil cultivation

Using our tillers offers you many advantages. In contrast to electronic garden tillers, petrol-powered tillers offer more power and independence in gardening. They also master difficult terrain more efficiently and are not dependent on a power source. Electric tillers are lighter, but less suitable for demanding tasks, while petrol-powered tillers are heavier, but can loosen up even difficult ground. With our tillers you can remove weeds and improve the soil structure. This allows your plants to grow and thrive better. Additionally, the use of these machines allows for even distribution of fertilizers and other soil amendments, resulting in better nutrient absorption. With our high-quality equipment you can significantly improve the soil quality in your garden or on your land.

Our power tillers are robust, durable and easy to use. They have powerful motors that can handle different types of soil with ease. The adjustable working depth allows you to adapt the milling machine to your specific requirements. Whether you want to prepare your soil for sowing or remove weeds, our tillers deliver excellent results.

High-quality tillers: You can find your solution for optimal soil quality at HZC Power

At HZC Power we attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. Our tillers are made from high quality materials and are designed for long-term use. We offer a wide range of products so you can find the perfect device for your needs. Our experts are always available to help you choose the right product and answer all your questions.

Do you have any further questions about our tillers or other soil care products? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated customer service team is here to help you choose the best device for your needs. We are proud to offer high-quality products that will help you keep your soil in optimal condition and provide you with optimal support in your forestry and landscaping - or in your own garden.


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