Buy chipper online: Efficiently shredding wood and chopped material

Our HZC Power shredders are the ideal solution for the precise processing of wood and other organic materials. High-quality knife systems that pull in the material independently ensure comfortable work. Shredding using a wood chipper reduces the volume of your cuttings by up to 75%, which makes disposal or further processing much easier. In addition, the composted shredded material often contains valuable nutrients, which saves costs for additional fertilizer.

Petrol shredders for effective shredding: Our range

Our HZC garden shredders are impressively robust and can shred almost any branch thickness. Thanks to the petrol instead of electric drive, the devices are not dependent on a power socket and are therefore mobile. Whether it's softwood or hardwood, our gasoline-powered shredders get the job done with ease. In our extensive product range of garden shredders you will find the right petrol shredder for your needs. The 6.5 HP or 13.5 HP petrol engines ensure powerful and reliable shredding of your garden waste, branches, etc. From compact shredders that process branches with a maximum trunk diameter of 40 mm to power packs that shred branches up to 90 mm thick, to practical ones All-rounders with two shafts – with us you will find the optimal motor shredder for your cuttings.

Discover the advantages of our shredders and optimize your garden and landscape work. Do you have any further questions about our garden shredders for your woodwork? Please feel free to contact us.

What work are HZC shredders suitable for?

Our HZC shredders are versatile. They are suitable for various jobs in your garden and on your property, but are also ideal for forestry and landscaping work. They are ideal for shredding branches, twigs and other garden waste, significantly reducing the volume of the cuttings. This makes disposal easier and creates valuable mulch that can be used to improve the soil. The powerful motors of our garden shredders can easily handle a wide variety of natural materials. Thanks to their robust design and effective blade systems, they are perfect for preparing compost and producing mulch, which provides your garden with important nutrients.

Top engines for guaranteed quality

High-quality, robust petrol engines from Briggs & Stratton provide the necessary horsepower for our garden shredders, tillers, trenchers and more. The powerful engines drive the blades of our shredders so that hard and soft wood is shredded quickly and effectively. The maintenance/repair service set up by the manufacturer in selected partner workshops will help you as quickly and easily as possible if problems occur with your blade chipper.

The right shredder for your needs

Service is a top priority at HZC Power. Our expert customer service team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our shredders or blade shredders and our online shop. During our consultation, we will be happy to find out which petrol shredder from our range is best suited to your needs or whether you need additional shredding accessories for your project. Simply contact us by email or phone - we will respond within 24 hours.


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