Splitting wedges for log splitters

You already own a log splitter and want to equip it further? Or perhaps you are not satisfied with the previous use, because it is too slow for you? You are thinking about a new log splitter and want to start right away? Then a splitting wedge is exactly what you need:

Through a splitting wedge, the wood is not only halved, but directly quartered. In this way, you can more quickly achieve the necessary size of the cut pieces of wood for one or the other fireplace. After you have quartered the wood you are spared from splitting it again and you create more wood in the same time. This means that you can work much more effectively and quickly.

Cross splitter attachment for wood splitters with petrol engine

Assembly of the splitting wedge

Assembly is also so easy that anyone can use a splitting wedge. This is simply put on the splitting wedge of the log splitter and fixed. This leads to the fact that it is no longer just a wedge as an attachment, but two wedges that cross at 90 degrees. After that, you can start directly with the quartering of the log.

What you should bear in mind

When you split the wood into quarters, it can splinter in different directions – including your direction. Therefore, be careful and, as with the general handling of log splitters, you should equip yourself with suitable work clothes and equipment. When purchasing a splitting wedge, you should also keep in mind that they are not compatible with all models, so the splitting wedge should match your log splitter.

You own one of our HZC Power log splitters? In our store you will find the appropriate splitting wedges for all log splitters, whereby these are compatible with several models from our range.

Accessories for log splitters

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